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“The place to be” for all destinations,  establishments, places and service providers wishing to reveal their best MICE assets in front of all the decision-makers in the profession.  


At a time when MICE has never been so important for the image and valuation of companies, the MICE Signatures offer everyone the opportunity to communicate, to strengthen their visibility and to forge links of trust that are inseparable from the materialization of future projects.


Get inspired without delay, let yourself be guided by each of the privileged MICE contacts who come to you  


Very nice discoveries!

Odile Gimel

Managing Director


Originally Partance, a MICE expert for more than 25 years, has always sought to optimize and enhance the quality of contacts between each player in the profession.

Today in this same approach Partance wishes to facilitate direct contact in order to always ensure the perfect efficiency of exchanges.

Signatures du Mice

A concentrate of unmissable addresses, unpublished, sometimes secret and especially intensely eager to receive you to compose according to your aspirations and ambitions the most beautiful MICE operations that you have the right to expect!  

Each establishment, each place, each destination has a unique reason to be selected for a future project…. In a rapidly evolving industry, it is essential that MICE players can, through MICE by PARTANCE Signatures,  differentiate and affirm their personality to develop their notoriety on a segment so specific and so demanding but so lucrative.

They talk about us ...


"Two words come to us to characterize Partance: Elegance and Benevolence"

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